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Year In Review . . . [2007]
Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hufflerin
School Year: 2nd Yr Senior ---> Life

The Positive:
- Got my first Job (Goodwill)
- Went to Prom [alone]
- Went to PortCon (w/ Jessica)
- Saw OOTP at midnight
- Bought Deathly Hallows at midnight from Borders
- Went from Goodwill to WalMart
- Finally went to Games Unlimited
- Started playing WoW

The Negative:
- Didn't graduate, didn't go back for a third year, have yet to obtain a GED
- Got let go from Goodwill for getting a job at Walmart
- Ended the year unemployed
- Flipped out outside auditorium during Prom