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Year In Review . . . [2009]
Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hufflerin
Life ---> Job Corps

The Positive:
- Moved
- Gay Marriage passed in Maine
- Marched @ Southern Maine Pride
- Listened to Cleve Jones Speak in Washington, D.C.!
- Started coming out as Queer/Trans/GenderQueer
- Got my first reblog on Tumblr

Middle of the Road:
- On Prozac; Off Prozac
- Joined SGA; Left SGA (Student Government Association)

The Negative:
- Bronchitis - while moving!
- Gay Marriage law vetoed by 53% of Maine voters
- Missed the Equality March in D.C.

Fav Movie of '09:
- Paper Heart

Fav Book of '09:
- GenderQueer: Voices Beyond the Sexual Binary

Fav LoudTweet of '09:
- 19:33 "it wont be over til its over/yes its we who will decide/that it wont be over unless we have all died" The fight isnt over! #red #hatp #aids

Fav Latrinalia of '09:
- "Love Unconditionally"